Egg Shakers make great promotional giveaways to extend brand awareness for tradeshows, themed events, or any place where you want to shake up sales! Custom imprinted egg shakers with your logo and message help develop your brand's identity and provide a lasting impression. Egg Shakers can help generate leads, improve direct mail/advertising responses, encourage repeat/return business, increase trade show traffic, build customer loyalty, and much more!

Bring your special event to life with the rhythm and percussive energy of maracas. Holiday events, weddings and all special occasions where you want to shake up excitement! Our party maracas deliver the sound of professional maracas and sound as good as they look!

Early Childhood music teachers use our Egg Shakers to teach rhythm, and to develop fine motor and team building skills. Egg Shakers are perfect for use in musical activities and make great giveaways to build class enrollment in early childhood classes!

Music Therapists use Egg Shakers for one-on-one practice and group classes that focus on rhythmic activities for both young and old alike. String Teachers use Egg Ehakers to facilitate teaching vibrato on the violin, viola and cello.

Corporate Training and Development Professionals use promotional Egg Shakers to motivate sales and encourage management performance! The use of Egg Shakers is fast becoming one of the most dynamic and exciting tools in the business environment to develop unity in the workplace and deliver corporate results!

Politicians and public relations firms use our unique patriotic red, white and blue Egg shakers to add percussive energy to their election campaign fund-raisers and events! They make ideal patriotic promotional giveaways. With hundreds of promotional products to choose from Egg Shaker World has everything a politician needs to promote a winning campaign!

Egg Shakers are perfect musical gifts for parties, wedding favors, birthdays, sweet sixteens, bar/bat mitzvahs and more!

Add some percussive energy and egg-citement to your special day! Delight your wedding guests with a thank you gift that friends and family will enjoy for years to come, ideal for June Brides.

Personalized favors are extremely popular and a great way to commemorate any special occasion with a personal imprinted message or your name and date! Our egg shakers are available in a variety of colors to compliment your wedding motif.

Religious and spiritual leaders around the world such as CHURCHES and SYNAGOGUE have found that the use of Egg Shakers and other musical instruments in their worship help to liven-up services and encourage more regular attendance of members and their families. Use of Egg Shakers provides a way to enhance the Worshippers' spiritual experience by encouraging participation in worship. Add some "egg-citement" to your religious service and shake it up for GOD!

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